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Description ΠΎf this videΠΎ: Danny Mountain, tied to a hospital bed, does not understand what is happening to him, but suddenly a nurse with very attractive forms comes into the room and begins to show signs of attention to the guy. Danny is embraced by a sense of fear and he does not understand what is happening. Gradually, the girl leaves, and the person falls asleep. Waking up, the young man sees that he is no longer attached and leaves the ward trying to find a way out, but he enters the room where three girls are waiting for him, who are ready to rape the person. With difficulty, he breaks out of the mouth of the women and leaves his house back. Everything that happened was watched by Brooke Lee Adams, a nurse who came to the guy for the first time. Having woken up again in his ward, the person sees a nurse familiar to him and, not resisting, begins to make love to her.

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